Coaching Services

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Business Coaching

Business coaching is a creative relationship between the coach and the client (or a team) that focuses on the alignment of the organization’s objectives and goals of individuals or team, improving performance or achieving goals. Business coach can work with individuals or teams to achieve objectives. The aim of business coaching is to achieve measurable results, which are defined at the beginning of a coaching project.
– Erickson Coaching International

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Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is professional coaching with a focus on developing leadership skills — the skills needed to drive change, manage complexity, build top performing teams, and maintain a strong personal foundation to thrive under the most challenging conditions.
– International Coaching Federation

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Life Coaching

Life Coaching is all about how we shape our lives through intention and attention. A coach pays powerful attention while a coachee focuses on a specific intention. Both coach and coachee create a beautiful mind in a conversational dance together.
– Art & Science of Coaching, Erickson Coaching International

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Kim O’Neal – Speaker, Author and Radio Host

American Coachee, 2016

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“Richard is a great coach. He is very inquisitive and definitely applies his curiosity to getting to know the client and bring forth new insights from the client. He helped me organize the information in my head, by having me make lists of things and assess each item individually. His positive feedback to me was also very beneficial. I learned that sometimes it doesn’t look like there’s anything else to be mined, but if you keep digging, you just might find something else and it might actually be useful. I was also reminded that it’s awful to see people with great ideas not ever get them out there. That was a very helpful reminder for me. I was motivated to move past my perfectionism and assumption that there was something more that I needed or didn’t know to finally put on my 1st webinar! I’ve since done 2 and am now onto a 5-week online program I’ve created that starts soon.

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